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Self PromHOtion

Am I the only one who doesn’t feel totally comfortable putting their entire life out there for public scrutiny? I want to promote myself as personal style/ personal shopper, lifestyle enthusiastic, and yet I am so reluctant to post photos of myself on here or really anywhere online. I often wonder about the many fashion bloggers I follow who takes these photos for them?  A reluctant neighbor? Befuddled spouse? Stay at home friend? Child labor? Just a tripod and a timer?

Either way I am always picturing the other side of this coin. Maybe it’s because I am a photographer that I wonder about the process of these shoots. There are fashion bloggers that only blog about other street styles or inspiring photos they find. But that is more of a curated Google image situation. And I appreciate when someone introduces a new idea that is not only the Isabel Marant boots I cant afford or the fashion shows I am clearly not going to. The fashion/ style bloggers that have real life solutions for body shapes, budgets, lifestyles and trends really speak to me and I want to be a part of that.

Major factor is the fact that I have two small children and getting dressed in the morning is more of an obstacle course than an enlightening experience of self expression. Not to mention this east coast winter is not allowing for any cute footwear to be worn.  But I need to find a way to mix these two conflicting feelings into a successful style blog.

I have started styling/ personal shopping for a couple of clients and I really want to document their remarkable evolutions!!!! Hopefully they won’t all be too shy to share with others their journey to affordable stylish better versions of their old selves.


'Twas, The night before the baby/house party, husband, D, dropped our glass table whilst moving it, shattering it to a bazillion pieces looking like this:


That was the top and the legs. Gone.

Poor D, pissed that he broke the table because he was now going to have to buy a new one.

SO here are some of my top picks for tables this week.

This dark and smoldering wood table is from RusticTrades Etsy which makes me love it more because it can be customized.

This version is 84 inches long and costs $1700. I think its extra awesome to see the nails on this handmade table.

The next one is a table I saw at Arhaus that is called the Luciano Weathered Dining Table which is actually on sale for $1699. While I dont think that’s a steal. I do think its a good price for a well made table that has SELF STORING refectory leaves and extends up to 120 inches. Major points for not having to store leaves somewhere.

The image doesn’t do justice to the very well done weathered effect that I think can fit with a lot of different styles.

Everyone has different dining table needs. We like to entertain so the bigger the better. Ideally I like a pedestal style table so you can fit more people around the table. But those are always more expensive. I would love an oval table so there are no sharp corners for children to impale themselves on, but those are hard to come by in such large sizes. Lastly, I had to admit D was right when he says why spend so much money on a table that is ALWAYS covered. There is a lot of truth to that. At the end of the day it will rarely ever be seen.

Which brings me to this lovely Ikea table. The Bjursta which opens to 102 inches long for $250.

I wish I had some carpentry skills to maybe round out the edges. Maybe I can look into ways of hacking this to personalize it and make it a bit more eclectic.

Another dirty F word

We inherited a dresser from my husbands old bedroom. It is gray Formica. Yup, that is the horrid F word that sends shudders down everyone’s’ spine in the year 2013. It happens to be a great dresser and it is in Little B’s room and I would like to know add on some handles to distract from the F-ness.

Here are some of my top picks as of now.

Antique Brass Owl Knob from World Market. Owls are forever.

Pink Jewel knob from Urban Outfitters. pink…..

Black knob from Hobby Lobby. Tie in her black couch and ceiling fan.

Tweet knob from Anthropologie. Keeps it young but still with sophistication.

Definitely need to throw in a “B” somewhere. I think I can make this letterpress letter into a drawer knob. From Country Flea Market on Etsy.

I am kind of also loving this more mature rustic Fleur de Lis drawer pull also from Etsy via Hollow Store.

Finished Product

My backsplash has been installed, grouted and caulked. Sigh of relief its over but also a hint of sadness since that’s the end of a project.

Here are some (not so impressive) photos.

Clearly in the picture above I am subtly showing off my extravagant dinners.  Just sayin.

Totally staged the cooking for this picture. Right afterward i dumped that water out and told my daughter she could only have uncooked noodles for dinner.

ANYWAY, I love the tiles. Hope you do too. I like the varying neutral tones that read very clean and minimal from a far. But as you get closer….

You see this intriguing fan shape. That has an handmade earthenware feel to it while still staying sharp and modern to fit the rest of the kitchen.

Here is one more close-up because you deserve it.

 The grout I got from Lowe’s in a pearl color which I thought looked great.

Don’t tell me otherwise because it’s too late.

New Target pillow. Very into this color palette happening.

New Target pillow. Very into this color palette happening.